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“Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love.   Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.”

Sai Baba

What Happens During a Healing Session

During this long distance session, I will tune into your energy in order to help and shift any energetic blocks that are being expressed in your life as limitations. These limitations may be expressed on the physical, emotional, spiritual or mental levels.

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*This is not a live one-on-one call, once you book your session, the healing will take place within few hours of the chosen time. You will be notified within 24-48hrs via email advising you the healing took place.

**If you chose the 10-15min Additional Information option, you will receive an MP3 file in that email as well.
The type of information I receive may include any/or all of the following:
insight pertaining to any past issues in this life, past lives, specific people, major “lessons” or themes you are working on, any underlying subconscious causes, etc, plus any additional guidance for you going forward.

Please note that during the healing, you may feel physical and/or emotional ‘shifts’ taking place. If you have a long standing illness, it may take some time for the physical body to respond to the healing. You may notice a positive shift in your mood or just your overall energy will feel uplifted. All is energy and often when an internal shift occurs, a shift in your external, physical life begins to take place as well. This is the ‘butterfly effect’, when one part of the whole shifts, it effects the whole. Therefore, you may notice a ‘clearing’ taking place in your life (for example, a relationship that has drained you may all of a sudden cease to exist, something that has been bothering you for a while, will begin to resolve itself, you may begin to shift how you see yourself and consequently feel the urge to start eating healthier, etc).

It is possible that your symptoms may temporarily get “worse” as the stagnating energy is ‘pushed’ out of your energy field, similar to when you have a wound, the wound may temporarily look worse before it gets better, this is a normal part of the healing process and will subside with time, the most important thing is allowing the energy to do its work by being open and staying positive.

Once booked, there are no cancellations or refunds of any kind, if you have any questions, please email JoannaMediumHealer@gmail.com PRIOR to booking your session.

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