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Work With Joanna


Working with Joanna is a life-changing experience. So whether you’re interested in receiving profound Channelled Spirit Messages, experience transformative Energy Healing, or dive deep with Joanna’s Advanced Soul Mentoring services – there is something here to powerfully transform all parts of your life!

Channeled Spirit Messages Session  (60 mins)

These digitally-recorded private sessions are done via Zoom or  Skype from anywhere in the world.

Even before your call begins, Joanna’s Guides begin delivering specific, focused, targeted messages that are designed to be the MOST IMPORTANT and IMPACTFUL INSIGHTS for your life. So your session will begin by reviewing these channelled messages. Then Joanna will happily answer any questions you’ve prepared, as well as help guide you more deeply through any of the information or topics that are presented.

*Please visit the FAQ SECTION to read more about Joanna’s work, what you can expect, how she receives messages, common concerns, and lots of other fascinating intuitive facts!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re someone who’s simply looking for a psychic to predict your future… then Joanna’s work may not be the perfect fit for you. While her intuitive skills can and do easily glean specific details regarding your upcoming successes, loves, moves, and more, Joanna’s work is far deeper and more profound than just that. 

Joanna’s work is dedicated to your Soul’s growth, happiness, healing and expansion. She understands that your future is created by what is taking place INSIDE of you — therefore the majority of her work and insights from her Guides will direct you toward hidden inner aspects of yourself  — that are limiting and preventing you from manifesting your dreams.

Channeled Spirit Messages Session with Healing Energy Work (90 mins)

*See the information above regarding Joanna’s Channelled Spirit Message Sessions. 

This powerful combination service is one of Joanna’s favorite services – incorporating insights from your intuitive gifts, as well as dynamic energetic healing. When combined, this can help create the perfect environment for deep and lasting change. When Joanna helps clear any resistance and weaknesses within your energy field, along with delivering important channelled messages from her Spirit Team, the transformation is extremely deep.  

ENERGY HEALING: Essentially energy healing is the conscious act of connecting to and directing Universal Energy/Life Force and its highest expression is the frequency of unconditional love. Such energy is extremely high in vibration/frequency and it acts as a “clearing agent” that supports energetic flow. This high frequency “untangles” or “unblocks” stuck energy which expresses itself as a limitation/s. These limitations are expressed in any or all of the following ways: Imbalances in emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

Before your session begins, Joanna does your energy healing. Once the healing is done, Joanna will contact you at your scheduled time to go over all the insights gained during your healing.

This service is extremely rejuvenating, cleansing, and life-changing – and a part of many of Joanna’s clients’ regularly scheduled “personal energetic maintenance” plans. 

*Please visit the FAQ SECTION to read more about Joanna’s Energy Healing services, what you can expect.

*You do not attend the healing session itself*

Advanced Soul Coaching (90 mins)

If you’ve enjoyed one of Joanna’s Channelled Spirit Messages sessions filled with endless intuitive insights – and now you’re ready to integrate and heal on a profound and deep level, then Advanced Soul Coaching is for you.

Joanna will bring her extensive skills and years of experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Professional Counsellor, Life Coach and as a  Channeler/Intuitive Medium.

In this session, you will explore your ‘foundation’ – that is, what are your TRUTHS? Your Truths are deep, conditioned beliefs that are, for the most part, very subconscious. However, these deep Truths are the creative force for your experiences in your 3D world. So, if your deep Truth is that ‘life is hard’, then your will unconsciously be creating life that always seems to be hard. Once you understand this, you will be better able to create more of what you desire.

*Please visit the FAQ SECTION to read more about Joanna’s Advanced Soul Coahing services, what you can expect.

Got Questions?

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