A reading with Joanna is an enlightening experience and one you will revisit many times.  Readings begin quickly and I highly recommend initial silence while Joanna begins to relay guide information and conversations.  You will know instantly if she has made the connection for you (and she will) but stay silent during the initial connections so that you do not miss a word!  Joanna will strike you differently than most mediums; she is skilled, yes, but is also an unusually well-grounded individual with the background necessary to support her readings with clear advice and guidance.  Joanna is an empath as well and ‘wires’ into your energy levels with ease.  You can feel the deep dive happening ahead of your scheduled reading.  It’s all okay though! It is a kindness you will be surrounded with, one you can settle into quite noticeably.  Joanna will be generous with her time and thoughts on your behalf.  You will forge a relationship with this dynamic medium that can genuinely help you move forward – a little bit more enlightened, a little bit more comfortable about where you stand today and a whole lot more excited about your roadmap ahead.


Hello Joanna, I would like to take this time to thank you for the amazing Soul Coaching sessions. I would like to tell you that I have repaired my relationship with my mother since our first session and the inner child work that we did. I have been working on my spiritual lessons for the last 4 years and I knew that I needed to forgive her. I would talk about it, pray about it and meditate… but the resentment and sadness lingered.

Since my work with you I feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I see my mother with compassion for the first time ever. I am able to call her and talk without the darkness of my childhood surfacing. I see things differently thanks to you. She turns 80 this year and I am so happy to be in this place to enjoy whatever time we have together. I cannot thank you enough. I had tried so many things to get to this place and nothing seemed to work. (and then my angels sent me to your you tube channel)
I will be forever grateful.


Hello Joanna,

This is the first time i am writing to you, I have seen your all videos  earlier but today I broke down as I heard the Sagittarius  video.  Nothing is going right from a very long time, everything looks so unstable; job,  finances,  family emotions, nothing was right and from the  last two three days I am praying to God that no matter what happens he is always there, and I was waiting for for your video, and when you said   ‘ patience patience patience  ‘ I cried,  I felt like it was God saying me that everything is going to be all right…
I just want to thank you for your guidance and support, you don’t know how better I am feeling. Thank you so much.  You are truly blessed.


Hello Joanna
…..By the way…something that made absolutely no sense to me at the time….mom kept showing a loaf of bread …I understand it now..
When I was a little girl my mom first told me and we talked about it many times thereafter..
My great grandmother died quite young and my grandfather remarried, the ‘new’ great grandmother sent my grandmother to the cook house to make BREAD…..My grandmother cried and cried as she did not know how to make BREAD.  Her mother came to her in spirit and told her how…
I now KNOW this is what was being relayed to me…as my Grandmother was with my mom….
And that would be something that absolutely verifies the eternal connection..
Thanks again Joanna – you have been a blessing in my life through this painful process…

Candace K.

I just wanted to thank you for your session yesterday.

As I mentioned in our conversation, it’s easy for me to lose my objectivity when going through my own experience. And I am sure it takes a lot of patience and energy on your part to make others, like me, to recognize what you may so clearly see. I am in awe with your skills – you interpret my innermost feelings and almost unconscious habits and help me gain critical insights in that one short hour.  What your reading has done for me in the last two sessions is huge – how I perceive my current challenges is changing and hopefully my future actions are as well.

I’ve also come to like getting a session from you – although it’s not about your life, but you seem to really care to tell me on how significant how I live this life.

Thank you so much for all this. I hope to get in touch with you in not so distant future with good reports (& more challenges, I guess…)

All the best,


Hi Joanna!

Thank you again for such an amazing session yesterday! It was seriously life changing for me! I just listened to it again. You are so so gifted!

And I just heard back from that job I applied to, and I was given an offer and I accepted!!!
You drew the number 8 card Acceptance and I was Accepted!!!!

I just wanted to let you know!  I wish you blessings and peace!


Dear Joanna,
As odd as this sounds, I felt compelled to email you again. Yesterday I “accidentally” stumbled across your January 2016 Leo reading. I was glued to my phone and had goose bumps out of shock. Everything you said applied to me, especially the things you seemed to not understand when your guides were speaking to you. I have considered myself a very logical person. But your words have provided me the most comfort and hope than anything or anyone else. Again, something in me compelled me to thank you. I can feel that I will request a reading from you soon. Thank you Joanna. You healed my soul.
Warmest regards,   (YouTube reading)

Sang Agh

Hi Joanna,
I wanted to share some exciting news with you! I am pregnant! I got pregnant…….after your last email. So Michelle must have known something!
It’s funny to think about a July baby because that’s one thing you had said and that’s the month we found out we were pregnant. I’m due March 22nd, so am just over 3.5 months or 14.5 weeks.
We are very very excited and so far everything is good. We are going to find out at the end of October the sex although I have a feeling it’s my baby girl.

Ashleigh F.

H…Joanna helped me to unlock the secrets of my inner self to find my own unique answers to questions that had me spinning in circles for most of my life. If you have tried many different modes of therapy and counsellors and are still hitting the same old road blocks, hypnotherapy can actually move you forward. Joanna’s gift offers a skillful, professional and safe environment in which to gently bring empathic healing to the core of your deepest emotional and spiritual self that is life-altering.
 (Higher Self Connection/Hypnotherapy)

Sharan – Ph.D.

Her compassion comes through, I felt her genuine care and concern.  Joanna wanted the answers to come through for me, as much as I did.  Connecting with my Higher Self helped me understand why I’d been feeling so disconnected before.  Thank you Joanna!
(Higher Self Connection)

Manjit B.

HI Joanna!

I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing reading with you last night. The messages from my husband, combined with your insight and humor, made it one of the most uplifting and healing experiences I have ever had. I feel so much lighter (even if the scale stayed the same!) and people actually noticed a shift in my energy today. You are truly one of the most caring and gifted psychic/medium I have ever come across, and I am blessed that our paths have crossed. Thank you for the gift and I hope I am able to learn and grow and improve myself from this experience.


……The videos and blog that you provide for free have lifted me more than my medications ever could…
(YouTube readings, Sunday night radio show)

Crystal L.

Good morning Joanna,
Just want to thank you from bottom of my heart
for such an accurate reading. Really I think you have amazing power (God gifted) and stunning personality. Thank you …….sooooo much for everything.
Hopefully we will meet again.   And I believe this is not the first time when we met. There has to be connection here before too.  But really I feel that the work you do to help out people, is a great karma.
Again I am thankful to you and God to show mercy on me and let me find you as a medium.  Thank you God.
Once again thanks:-)

Sandy M.

I have been going through a hard time trying to figure out my life path. Having lost my dad at a young age, I didn’t realize how much I was missing his guidance. Meeting Joanna was a blessing in disguise. Now I am more clear about what direction I should take in my life, and have released the pain I felt after losing someone so important in my life. It makes me feel connected to spirit.  Thank you Joanna.

Simona C.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your help last night. I can’t say enough thanks to describe my true appreciation. It was an amazing experience for me and I am so happy that you were a huge part of my inner self unveiling. I feel calm, full of light and I know that I am on the right path now. Just the beginning of the road full of something very important and exiting.
(Higher Self Connection/Past Life Regression)

Elena S.