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Past Life Regression is Not Offered as a Stand Alone Service at This Time.

What To Expect

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and at ease with your therapist. Always listen to your intuition! If you have a funny feeling that something just doesn’t seem just right, look for another therapist. It’s your spirit talking to you.

The session will begin by helping you to relax through gentle visualization and relaxation techniques, much like meditation. I won’t be swinging pendulums or shining bright lights – this is not stage hypnosis!! You won’t fall asleep and neither will you be unconscious. You will remain in complete control and have full awareness of your surroundings. This state of mind is a natural phenomena that occurs daily in our lives, much like daydreaming. I will ask you questions and you will be able to comfortably answer.

If you currently practice meditation or relaxation techniques, the state of mind desired to recall past lives will be achieved much easier during the session.

What Is Required?

Since recall of past life memories relies heavily on ones ability to relax, prior experience with hypnosis, meditation or relaxation technique is a prerequisite.

** Recording your session is encouraged **

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