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All sessions are available via Phone (within US and Canada only), Skype, FaceTime (Apple device) and Zoom.
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“My reading with Joanna was nothing short of amazing! I knew she was good after listening to her monthly videos, but I never expected to be blown away like I was during our session. Before I even uttered a word, Joanna was off and running with messages from her spirit guides, and when I tell you everything she relayed was spot on, it would be an understatement. It was as if she knew exactly what I was (and had been) experiencing in my life. When she finished with the first set of messages, I found myself crying because they were so apropos and timely! As I confirmed her messages and talked about my situation, she continued with more amazingly accurate messages!

What a spectacular reading from such a wonderful, compassionate, and energetically connected woman!! I highly recommend a reading with Joanna – definitely worth the wait!! Thank you, Joanna, for what you do!!” ……Eileen J.

What Is A Mediumship Consultation?

These digitally-recorded private sessions are done via phone, Skype or Facetime from anywhere in the world.

Even before your call begins, Joanna’s Guides begin delivering specific, focused, targeted messages that are designed to be the MOST IMPORTANT and impactful insights for your life. So your session will begin by reviewing these channeled messages. Then Joanna will happily answer any questions you’ve prepared, as well as help guide you more deeply through any of the information or topics that are presented.

*Please visit the HOMEPAGE or FAQ SECTION to read more about Joanna’s work, what you can expect, how she receives messages, common concerns, and lots of other fascinating intuitive facts!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re someone who’s simply looking for a psychic to predict your future… then Joanna’s work may not be the perfect fit for you. While her intuitive skills can and do easily glean specific details regarding your upcoming successes, loves, moves, and more… Joanna’s work is far deeper and more profound than just that.

Joanna strongly believes that delivering only “flashy predictions” rarely helps (and can often HURT you down the road — causing you to avoid the real inner work required, or waiting around for things to happen) — and can actually BLOCK future possibilities entirely.

This is why Joanna’s work is dedicated to your Soul’s growth, happiness, healing and expansion. She understands that your future is created by what is taking place INSIDE of you — therefore the majority of her work and insights from her Guides will direct you toward hidden inner aspects of yourself  — that are preventing you from manifesting your dreams.

Please note Joanna is not a fortune teller. Why is this important to know?  Because you create your reality and therefore your future is not always set in stone.  Your outer reality is a reflection of your inner being (subconscious beliefs) and therefore if you change your beliefs and your perspectives and  make changes to your thoughts and emotions, your energy will shift and it will consequently reflect your outer life. 

You are a powerful being capable of creating your life by the way you think and feel and hence you have the choice of changing your life and your path.

If you reside in Canada, please contact Joanna directly if you wish to pay with CDN funds.

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